Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Christmas time Jolly time of the yEar

So its nearly Christmas time, and its the year to be jolly, and full of joy. Drink some coke-a-cola the one that has the picture of Santa on it :) Start buying leggings and tights (nice comfortable clothes) baggy clothes is always a good choice when ur on a diet ,fad away get skinny. Most of the time you might feel tired and have hunger pangs .Like I said before do not go cold turkey. Now is the time to find out how to secretly hide the Christmas dinner without staff knowing. I know I know its Christmas and its only 2-3days of eating @Christmas :( Just fill yourself with plenty of diluted water and low calorie foods to nibble on. Eat like a skeleton. Go swimming you'll get seriously hungry and burns unwanted calories and burns the fat without the pain of exercise. And you'll notice ur weight and you'll get some staras,because ur fat. If ur skinny people wont notice in the pool coz they think you might get emotionally hurt.

Thursday, November 9, 2017


1.squeeze your legs togeather when on the toilet ,while you pee.You'll loose fat in between ur legs :D 2.Drink alot of water and do 50/100 crunches 3.Have a set meal that you'll always eat,(I go to urban kitchen and get a salad there) when I met up with my mom I usually have a soup :) 4.Fill your self with water,coffee,diet drinks,slim line noodles. 5.Never go cold turkey!!! 6.@ night time talk to ana before you sleep and remind yourself what ur going to do the next day. 7.Lie on ur back when sleeping so you dont hurt ur hips,if ur hips hurt,drink paracetamol . 8.Treat ur self with pain relief medication and laxative drinks . 9.Eat sweets to loose weight on ur legs.(proven fact) Do not eat a packet of crisps ever!you will ruin ur diet even if its only a handful amount. 10. Pick -and-mix is good ,cotton candy is good to eat while @ the cinema ,trust me you wont get fat its only sugar and will fill you up with a boost ,a sugar boost which is good for ur metabolism 11.Stay away from jelly even the 10cal jelly is full of fat. 12.Dont ever eat an apple if you want to have bony hips. 13. have a great time instead of pigging out on chips/lasagne/high protien bars.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

HAppy Hoildays :P

So its autumm and everyone is dreading Christmas dinner,Its perfect to hide how much you eat.. (People will think you "eat healthy" but what is dreading the most is going over board and eating too much and have a stupid excuse that its the holidays!Instead make sure you have tons of fun @ the holidays and you'll have a bit control and help keep you away from the Jellys,Hot and food.So far I have stayed away from vomiting and I love my bed @ night time,since the house is red you need more calories to stop you from fainting,don't be afraid to eat before bed time.Just think you are burning over 700calories when you sleep so really your just burning the meal you have just ate at night time.Be strong don't be a lazy fat ass and not do anything,instead do some colouring in pictures/Cook meals,clean room.. ect. you will feel better that you have a nice comfortable bed.ZZZZZzzzzzZZZZZZZZZzZ Watch this space . :)

Tuesday, September 19, 2017


Never go cold turkey instead here are some healthy choices that are low in calories!!

1.Beans on toast(have a big breakfast so you wont collapse, Beans also heals ur bowls so you can poop easier )

2.Crab sticks ,(Only has 18cal in one crab stick!!)

3.Herbal Tea (with sweetners so add taste)

4.Always Add a salad ,check online what kind of salad you like :)

5.A cup full of bran flakes/all bran

6. Chicken drumsticks (mini size)

7.Dilutited flavoured water (orange/pineapple ,its UR choice :D )

Friday, September 1, 2017

Your Welcome :)

So as everyone knows that if you want to loose weight ,never ever go cold turkey because you'll end up gaining fat fast on ur hips/legs .Instead eat things that make you poop like BRANFLAKES,anything full of fiber.I have noticed that @ night time I feel like im going to faint so I eat baked beans on 2slices of toast.Now I just drink herbal tea @ night time to Curb my appetite and drink drink drink :) Since I'm Bulimic If I see cottage pie or anything that's mushy Ill grab a bowl and puke up my guts till  it goes the colour GREEN,So I feel fuller without having anything in my tummy :P I only really puke is when we have TAKE-AWAY Ill order noodles,chips and curry sauce washed down with coka a cola .Im currently in Recovery and the staff are really nice to me they  let me buy low calorie pasta ,4calorie pasta that I bought in the health food shop *.* I have lost 4stone so far and the foods I had the other day I went out for lunch and I had noodles,peas,salad and goats cheese.Eating like that is very good for ur body if you want to loose alot of weight.My goal weight is 9stone.My Ultimate goal weight is 6stone :)

Watch this space

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Crazzy girl chapter 1

So I want to start as story about an abundant girl who goes insane and is broth to the hospital for observation and several mental illness on her medical card.She has no idea where is she and afaird of the nurses that give her injections regularly and a kit kat before she goes to sleep,but when she wakes up theres a huge difffrence in the hospital and she is alone wearing only a hospital night gown and fluffy slippers