Thursday, November 9, 2017


1.squeeze your legs togeather when on the toilet ,while you pee.You'll loose fat in between ur legs :D 2.Drink alot of water and do 50/100 crunches 3.Have a set meal that you'll always eat,(I go to urban kitchen and get a salad there) when I met up with my mom I usually have a soup :) 4.Fill your self with water,coffee,diet drinks,slim line noodles. 5.Never go cold turkey!!! 6.@ night time talk to ana before you sleep and remind yourself what ur going to do the next day. 7.Lie on ur back when sleeping so you dont hurt ur hips,if ur hips hurt,drink paracetamol . 8.Treat ur self with pain relief medication and laxative drinks . 9.Eat sweets to loose weight on ur legs.(proven fact) Do not eat a packet of crisps ever!you will ruin ur diet even if its only a handful amount. 10. Pick -and-mix is good ,cotton candy is good to eat while @ the cinema ,trust me you wont get fat its only sugar and will fill you up with a boost ,a sugar boost which is good for ur metabolism 11.Stay away from jelly even the 10cal jelly is full of fat. 12.Dont ever eat an apple if you want to have bony hips. 13. have a great time instead of pigging out on chips/lasagne/high protien bars.

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