Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Christmas time Jolly time of the yEar

So its nearly Christmas time, and its the year to be jolly, and full of joy. Drink some coke-a-cola the one that has the picture of Santa on it :) Start buying leggings and tights (nice comfortable clothes) baggy clothes is always a good choice when ur on a diet ,fad away get skinny. Most of the time you might feel tired and have hunger pangs .Like I said before do not go cold turkey. Now is the time to find out how to secretly hide the Christmas dinner without staff knowing. I know I know its Christmas and its only 2-3days of eating @Christmas :( Just fill yourself with plenty of diluted water and low calorie foods to nibble on. Eat like a skeleton. Go swimming you'll get seriously hungry and burns unwanted calories and burns the fat without the pain of exercise. And you'll notice ur weight and you'll get some staras,because ur fat. If ur skinny people wont notice in the pool coz they think you might get emotionally hurt.

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