Friday, September 1, 2017

Your Welcome :)

So as everyone knows that if you want to loose weight ,never ever go cold turkey because you'll end up gaining fat fast on ur hips/legs .Instead eat things that make you poop like BRANFLAKES,anything full of fiber.I have noticed that @ night time I feel like im going to faint so I eat baked beans on 2slices of toast.Now I just drink herbal tea @ night time to Curb my appetite and drink drink drink :) Since I'm Bulimic If I see cottage pie or anything that's mushy Ill grab a bowl and puke up my guts till  it goes the colour GREEN,So I feel fuller without having anything in my tummy :P I only really puke is when we have TAKE-AWAY Ill order noodles,chips and curry sauce washed down with coka a cola .Im currently in Recovery and the staff are really nice to me they  let me buy low calorie pasta ,4calorie pasta that I bought in the health food shop *.* I have lost 4stone so far and the foods I had the other day I went out for lunch and I had noodles,peas,salad and goats cheese.Eating like that is very good for ur body if you want to loose alot of weight.My goal weight is 9stone.My Ultimate goal weight is 6stone :)

Watch this space

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