Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Beauty is pain :/

Doing house work tones ur whole body, including ur legs and back.Sit down and relax yourself and take time to rest ur muscles after a workout,do not eat after a workout ,please wait at least 30mins ,by relaxing yourself you don't gain weight.Breathing in and out while eating is a great way of speeding up your metabolism :D Another great tip is to learn to wait,waiting helps you enjoy things more ,without rushing,if you rush you'll feel bad for eating and going cold turkey is not good!Beware of exercise too much makes you weak and you could faint and end up in the hospital for too much exercise (you could weigh 12 stone but half your body could be only water) Im under 30% fat on my body.Even a BMI would read in-correct.If you want to see how much you weigh,buy a weighing scales that has body fat measure/bmi.(a good scales is one that is electorinc.)

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