Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Happy Valentines DAY :)

14/2/2018 Today is Valentines day and the perfect day to do the things you love.Even if its decorating your fridge with colored- in pictures of a bear hugging a heart.Listening to music is a great tip to keep you away from eating, and looking at the fridge.Drink plenty of water now,here are some tips! 1.Every time you go into the kitchen drink 2cups of water 2.Relax,sit down and that will help you loose weight and care for ur feet. 3.Drink Drink all the time ,tea/coffee to flush out the fat 4.Always have a stash of things you'll need,like a plastic bag for vomiting in,and hiding food,Cigarettes,and a re-usable bottle to drink out of,extra money,tablet (which has books and internet)
Go for a walk or cycling is good thing to do today!!Stay away from Ur mobile and spend time by yourself Its important to enjoy the day and create a valentines decoration for your room
Remember if you feel the need to eat ,watch youtube thinspo there,Drink plenty of water and watch a long DVD,Going for day-time naps is very good it relaxs your muscles and will prevent "skeleton eyes"(which is sunken eyes)And will calm your nerves Have lunch from 12/3pm and don't eat before bed its better to be really empty then having extra load of fat rolls that are under your arm .You can also loose weight by listening to music before you go to sleep :) Make--up is a great invention,use it on your lashs

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