Tuesday, August 7, 2018


Next week I'm going on holidays to Carlow ..Ill post again when I loose more weight and send in some pictures ,the Before & after my goal weight is a size 1#Goal weight is a size 14--to a Size 6-Size 4 :) I'm in recovery at the moment ,all the staff are all over me,Kinda like being raped, Asking how much did I have for breakfast and If Id Like some dinner ..I smoke 1 cigarette every half an hour to keep me feeling better about it all and not getting upset if the staff annoy me!! My favourite food is herbal teas with sweetners,Miwadi pineapple, Popcorn(low fat)-(NOT FROM THE CINEMA) Pears, That's my "Safe" foods that I wont feel guilty afterwards *.* I Take regular Naps If I ate a big lunch Like Eating Chicken Soup or Noodles that give me EXTRA Hunger pains I curl up in a ball to keep me thinking straight ..(Like, Not going to the kitchen and grab a sand which and think that wont make me fat, So why take that chance ,Its up to me when I feel comfortable ,and eat when I feel "Safe". Breathe from sia is a good song to listen to .
"Just Breathe"
Its so true ,It helps when you open the fridge and take more then a minute to decide on what to have! So ..Just breathe ,Close the fridge and do something to make up your time till you nxt eat.Fill up on water is good and flushs out the fat :D WATCH THIS SPACE

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  1. Hey just a post looking for a diet buddy Im 5'5 and 15stone 5lb and want to get back into a size 4 ..I am currently a size 18(I have been eating more often since the doctor put me on stronger medication ) I have a blog also to blog out my feelings and share with other Bulimics/Anorexia ,So far I haven't vomited in over a month and stopped putting my finger down my throat to loose weight :) I don't do any exercise and I like watching movies and Art & crafts..