Friday, March 2, 2018

So far in recovery

Tonight the staff are making a pasta dish with a tomatoe sauce with cheese I really feel stressd out and Im waiting for dinner to purge it up to speed up my metabolism .All day Iv been craving sandwiches and bread.I need to loose it all and I was at the dentist a few days ago and they filled in my eroded teeth.The staff know I vomit and don't really do much,they let me vomit and don't disturb me when Im purging down the toilet.They make dishs that I would eat..but then I vomit up whatever they make me.I want to eat 100calories a day but my body needs lots of sleep and something to poop out so I can poop out fat so I have been eating wholemeal bread, sprinkle of cheese,butter,potatoe salad. Im on and its great.It stops me from purging ,the need to vomit and I like the support aswell. Give me 3months to eat/drink whatever I want and restrict some foods.They say cheese is okay to eat.

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